Why The Bluetooth Helmet Is A Good Choice?

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One of the biggest benefits associated with Bluetooth technology is the freedom it provides to the users. With rechargeable batteries, these tiny communication devices operate without any cables connecting them to other devices. Also, the great thing about these devices is that you can connect every model media and communication device with Bluetooth technology to enjoy hands-free communication and music.

Why should you consider buying a Bluetooth helmet?

If you are an ardent bike rider, who love riding in bike to longer distances, the best thing you can do is to get a helmet to ensure your safety. More than safety, if you are looking for hands-free communication when riding on your bike, the best thing you can do is to opt for a Bluetooth Helmet. This type of helmet will also help you to listen to your favorite music on the go and also the GPS technology will ensure that you will not get lost in your path. Comfort is highly important as compared to any other feature and here are some

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Bluetooth helmets to consider when you wish to arrive at the best safety gear:

Torc T14B MAKO:

TORC T14B Mako is an addition to the TORC integrated Bluetooth collection. This helmet was named Mako because of its shape. Yes, Mako is a type of shark, which is one of the fastest species. This shark similar to that of this helmet is recognized by its body lines. The shark has a rounded body with a pointed noise and the helmet also has a similar shape. The light weight of the helmet is an added benefit as compared to its predecessors and it makes use of a dual density EPS system and it also has a laser contoured comfort liner padding. Real users have highly praised the speakers integrated in this helmet and also most of them have stated that the Bluetooth and microphone are awesome additions. Also, the charge holding capacity is excellent in this helmet.


As HJC is a brand that has made great helmets in this niche, there need not be any doubt about the performance of this Bluetooth helmet as well. However, the Bluetooth chamber is optional. It offers excellent protection to the riders from devastating crash. In addition, it provides excellent protection from the Sun. The face shield also provides the best protection from bugs and other undesirable flying substances. The ventilation system is good, thereby making it the best choice for summer riders.

BiLT Techo:

This is the helmet with advanced technology and it has every feature that a rider looks for. Apart from providing the ability to sync with Bluetooth enabled devices, this helmet has got other features like excellent ventilation, removable liner, sun shield and also a convenient full face design. Even, this helmet can be paired with a similar techo helmet to enjoy rider to rider or rider to pillion rider intercom facilities. The polycarbonate shell, quick release clear locking face shield and double d-ring safety fastening are attractive features.

Torc T27:

Apart from the impressive Bluetooth system, this model from Torc has many other impressive features. The unit has used Venturi venting to ensure that the chances of overheating and face shield fogging can be eliminated. The compact design and lightweight are other selling points and it is nearly 20% smaller than helmets with similar features.


To conclude, not just for protection, you can now get helmets that will provide you ultimate entertainment while on the move. So, carefully consider the above-mentioned Bluetooth helmets and enjoy your ride every time.